The Grant Helped Us Overcome The Financial Crisis

I was a single mother for a few years now with my thriving business and I thought was doing well but when the global crisis hits our country my business was affected and went bankrupt. I have to go back to working after being in business for so long and I have to start from the very bottom of the ladder and have to climb up the corporate ladder all over again. But now that my son is growing so fast that our expenses were shooting up faster than my career and was a good thing that there was Grants for single mothers which I was qualify and I applied for it as I know it would one way or another help us even not fully but at least make our expenses a bit lighter in a way. For more details, go here

The Grants for single mothers was just temporary but at least there was help coming than nothing at all, so after my career started to shoot up and did my compensation as well and finally I was able to let go of the Grants for single mothers as it was just a temporary assistance which I know there are many single moms out there who also needed that help and I was glad that I was able to overcome that part in our life and told myself that I need to prepare for the worst at all time and always expect for the unexpected as we never know when another crisis might hit us and it would be great that we are ready in the future challenging times.

And with this experience, I would always remind my kid to always save as much as possible and be always ready as we might never know when we would need those emergency funding and when crisis would hit us.