SKG Automation C/DF Test Tweezer Model 351 For MLCC 040-1812

Replacement for Agilent 16334A.

SKG C/DF test tweezers are purpose designed for testing capacitance and dissipation factor on MLCC chips in the size range 01005 up to more than an inch long (metric 0402 up to 2.5cm plus). M351, M352 and M353 can be used on most LCR meters that use standard BNC connectors. The test contacts are well guarded and shielded so measured values will be precise and stable, even for very low value MLCC chips, i.e., less than one PF. Excellent performance for MHz testing.

SKG test tweezers for measuring C/DF on chip capacitors are purpose designed to be the best available commercially product.
Each model is:

Versatile – can be used on a wide range of chip sizes
Operator Friendly – light weight and easy for the operator to grip
Efficient – picks up and holds chips with no tendency to drop or launch the chip
Precise – the most repeatable test tweezers available on the commercial market
Low Cost
Robust – little or no maintenance required for long periods, cleaning only.